Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Toucam pro II, first images

Managed to get a few avi's on the 26th August with my new Toucam pro II. Very happy with the results, more detail can be seen. You can compare to one of the very first images i posted that was taken back in April with the cmos webcam, how much better it is, especially now i've cracked the processing.
This was taken in not very good conditions as the moon was very low and light cloud came rolling in. On top of that it wasn't far off from being a full moon, that doesn't help at all. At the moment i have to attach the webcam directly to the eyepiece holder so can't use any barlow lens or filters but i do have an adapter on the way. All things considered i'm am very happy with it, now all i need is a goto scope to make it that bit easier :)

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