Friday, 9 November 2007

G600 Colour Moon

Not had much chance to test this phone out properly but did manage a couple of shots. Taken on the 5 mega pixel option with 50% zoom and iso200. Scope used was the Celestron 4 Se with 26mm EP and 2xBarlow. Not bad, do like the way the colours came out in the images taken and all i had to do was fiddle a little in Gimp2 to bring them out more. Found my U600 was easier to use but might get some better results when i get more time to fiddle around with the settings. Unlike the U600 i had to use the Moon filter in some as it was just too bright, could just be a setting i haven't found yet.
Getting hooked on this mobile phone experminenting. Now what phone could i try next


Rainer said...

Hi Karah,

I really like these moon shots. Well done :).


karah said...

Thanks Rainer,

As i said, getting hooked on this mobile phone imaging.....