Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Clavius & Tycho

Had some clear skies at long last! I decided to experiment a little with the Barlow's I have.  Heard some say they have attached more than one with an eyepiece, so I gave it a go. I put a 2 and a 3x Barlow together with a 26mm EP and 2 2xBarlow's with a 26mm EP.  I got so in to it I missed imaging a very bright ISS pass!!! The very close up view of Clavius & Tycho was the 2 and 3xBarlows.
Also had to give Jupiter a go with the 2 and 3xBarlows, 15 mm EP and an 80A filter. Hard to get the focus right but I'm happy with the result.
The last image was taken just with my Samsung S3 and a 12x zoom lens. Was surprised my phone done so well without my scope! None of these images have had any processing done, just straight off my phone, as is.

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