Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Comet 17/P Holmes

I managed to see Comet 17/P Holmes last night for the first time. Cloud has plagued me all week and if not cloud something else has stopped me from enjoying the view. As you all should know it was only supposed to be Mag +17 but due to an outburst it has become a naked eye object of +3.8. I have not seen one before so this is the first for me and WOW what a beauty it was. Didn't stop smiling all night. As soon as i went outside last night i could see it as clear as day, even under the BAD LP here in London. My Celestron gave me lovely views and am going to get the 5" out tonight as well to try and get some images. A friend of mine took these images which are fantastic but i want to try and get some afocal images to add to my little collection. Fingers crossed.

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