Saturday, 13 October 2007


Seems to be a few chances from tonight to catch a glimps of the ISS passing over. All passes are very bright so you won't miss it. Here is a table for the times and where to find it. The minus in the mag coloum means it's bright ie: -2.4 is brighter than 0.2 and 0.2 is brighter than 1.2. Hope that makes sense.
DateMagStartsMax. altitudeEnds
13 Oct-2.419:08:0910W 19:11:0188NW 19:13:0717E
13 Oct0.220:43:1710W 20:44:3022W 20:44:3022W
14 Oct-2.519:31:2110W 19:34:1685NNE19:35:1835E
14 Oct1.221:06:3010W 21:06:4211W 21:06:4211W
15 Oct-2.418:19:2310W 18:22:1888NE 18:25:0910E
15 Oct-2.519:54:3110W 19:57:3073S 19:57:3073S
16 Oct-2.218:42:3310W 18:45:1677WNW18:48:1810E
16 Oct-0.820:17:4210W 20:19:4133WSW20:19:4133WSW
17 Oct-2.419:05:4010W 19:08:3874S 19:10:3118ESE
17 Oct0.620:41:0310W 20:41:5415WSW20:41:5415WSW
18 Oct-1.519:28:4810W 19:31:3543SSW19:32:4626SSE
19 Oct-2.218:16:4410W 18:19:3875S 18:22:2910ESE
19 Oct-0.319:52:0610W 19:54:2722SSW19:55:0421SSW
20 Oct-1.418:39:4910W 18:42:3844SSW18:45:2110SE
20 Oct0.820:16:2710SW 20:17:0811SW 20:17:2810SW
21 Oct-0.119:03:0410W 19:05:2523SSW19:07:4610SSE
22 Oct1.019:27:1910SW 19:28:0511SW 19:28:5110SSW

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