Tuesday, 2 October 2007


This was taken on the 21st September using a 2xbarlow lens. 450 frames stacked and processed. Am really pleased with this, one of my fav craters of the Moon.

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Rainer said...

Hi Karah,

I found no email address, so I thought I post a comment. Hope you see it!

I like you site pretty much. I am in astronomy for some year now, but I do not come even close to your images (but, granted, I am not a photographer...).

I am also a space enthusiast and have recently started a blog on my trip to view a space shuttle launch this October. I wonder if you are interested in it, it's available at http://spacelaunch.gerhards.net.

I also wonder if you would be interested in a link exchange. You can drop me a note at rgerhards@adiscon.com - I'd love to hear from you.